Good afternoon everyone,

Well I hate to admit it but, winter is here, and probably to stay (the high temp for the next 10 days is 42 degrees).  To me it’s the worst case scenario early winter with no hope for warm weather for quite some time.  I am already thinking about getting away to Florida to play and be somewhere warm, I am sure you all are too.   I will have a general club update in another post this post is mainly about golf.

Depsite the weather we are pushing forward and always trying to enhance the club for our members, your guests, and trying to attract new members.  I am happy to say we have made a deal with EZ-GO for 45 new golf cars next season.  We look to have them delivered on March 1st, 2019.  The new cars will have some of the same features that the current EZ-GO’s have (windshields, coolers, club umbrellas, same braking system, and sand bottles) with a couple added things.  Upgraded seats will provide added comfort, and USB Ports for charging devices.  The big enhancement with these cars is they have lithium batteries, the cars themselves will weigh 300 lbs. less than a normal golf car.  It will decrease wear on the turf, and create less damage in soft conditions.  Lithium batteries are maintenance free so there will be way fewer mechanical issues, (yay for you and us).  Exciting stuff for the 2019 golf season.

Zach and I have begun meeting with vendors for 2019, and discussing some events and how to tweak them.  We are going to change the Club Championship a little to get it done before Labor Day weekend, we are also going to try to incorporate the Stroke Play Championship into the event as well.  If you have any suggestions feel free to email them to

Zach has been at work on putting a hitting area in the attic above the pro shop, so you can have an area to hit balls and take lessons during the off-season, we aren’t there yet but we are getting closer.

Reminder we are going to expire all golf shop credit on December 21, 2018 so please use that up before then. There is plenty of quality merchandise left in the pro shop.

Thanks to everyone for a fantastic 2018 golf season, have a wonderful holiday season!


Brian Garrett, PGA

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