Good afternoon everyone we are being punished, as I thought we would, for this mild winter by snow and cold temps in the middle of March when we should be playing golf.  Looks like this week is a scratch so we will work on some tree trimming and removal.

We are excited about ACC’s first attempt at PGA Junior League Golf, it is a fun way to compete and play team golf against other clubs.  So far we have about 14 kids signed up for the ACC PGA Junior League we will be putting a schedule together with other clubs very shortly.

Make sure you come out and enjoy all the NCAA hoops this week at the club we will have 1/2 price appetizers on tap Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  St. Patrick’s Day is also Friday night, we will have child care so please make your reservations.  Irish fare, green beer, and fun cocktail options will all be available.

Thursday night we are going to be meeting in the bar to discuss the 2017 Men’s Schedule we have a great schedule put together with new events, tweaks to existing events and we will be forming a Hole in One Pot.  1/2 price apps and hoops on Thursday night as well.

If you are interested in poker we have started a normal game 1 Thursday each month, please email if you would like more information.

Twilight league is coming soon please sign up in the Pro shop or email to do so.

Looking forward to warmer temps next week.


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