Good afternoon everyone,  I am looking forward to opening back up tomorrow.  During our shutdown we have gotten quite a lot of things accomplished.  I will go over those and we also have new menus that we are rolling out tomorrow.  We have a lot to look forward to this year and I am looking forward to it.

First,  I want to say a big thanks to Element 212, Tammy and Todd Rimer, for the amazing work they have done on our new website.  I am wanting to launch this new website very soon (this week or next) so you all can take a look around.  It will be evolving like any project, but I think it will be a great representation of our club for the internet world.

We have a new structure to our dining menus starting on Tuesday January 17th.  We will still have a lunch and dinner menu like normal and we are still committed to changing those on a quarterly basis; however we are introducing a feature menu.  It will be a one-page feature menu that will change out every 2-3 weeks and will allow our chefs to be creative to provide alternative eating options.  The feature menu will have apps, salad, sandwiches and entree’s.  For example one of the entree’s on the new feature menu will be  Whiskey Chicken: pan seared chicken with sautéed mushrooms & a whiskey cream sauce.

I am going to be visiting the PGA Merchandise Show on January 25th.  I will take some pictures and share them on our Facebook  page.  I also will have an article about my experience there and what new fun stuff is coming to the world of golf.  Tune in to live coverage from the PGA Merchandise Show on the Golf Channel all week for more information on the show.

We have successfully moved the Wine Room across the hall during shutdown;  no wine bottles were harmed during the move.  This will allow us more space for lockers Wine Club is a popular activity at Anderson Country Club.  If you are interested in joining please email us.

That is all for now I look forward to 2017 and seeing you all in the next few weeks.



Brian Garrett, PGA

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