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Good afternoon everyone,

Well I hate to admit it but, winter is here, and probably to stay (the high temp for the next 10 days is 42 degrees).  To me it’s the worst case scenario early winter with no hope for warm weather for quite some time.  I am already thinking about getting away to Florida to play and be somewhere warm, I am sure you all are too.   I will have a general club update in another post this post is mainly about golf.

Depsite the weather we are pushing forward and always trying to enhance the club for our members, your guests, and trying to attract new members.  I am happy to say we have made a deal with EZ-GO for 45 new golf cars next season.  We look to have them delivered on March 1st, 2019.  The new cars will have some of the same features that the current EZ-GO’s have (windshields, coolers, club umbrellas, same braking system, and sand bottles) with a couple added things.  Upgraded seats will provide added comfort, and USB Ports for charging devices.  The big enhancement with these cars is they have lithium batteries, the cars themselves will weigh 300 lbs. less than a normal golf car.  It will decrease wear on the turf, and create less damage in soft conditions.  Lithium batteries are maintenance free so there will be way fewer mechanical issues, (yay for you and us).  Exciting stuff for the 2019 golf season.

Zach and I have begun meeting with vendors for 2019, and discussing some events and how to tweak them.  We are going to change the Club Championship a little to get it done before Labor Day weekend, we are also going to try to incorporate the Stroke Play Championship into the event as well.  If you have any suggestions feel free to email them to

Zach has been at work on putting a hitting area in the attic above the pro shop, so you can have an area to hit balls and take lessons during the off-season, we aren’t there yet but we are getting closer.

Reminder we are going to expire all golf shop credit on December 21, 2018 so please use that up before then. There is plenty of quality merchandise left in the pro shop.

Thanks to everyone for a fantastic 2018 golf season, have a wonderful holiday season!


Brian Garrett, PGA

Well I was hopeful it would be earlier but mother nature hasn’t cooperated.  Our opening plans are below.

Pro Shop will open on a normal basis March 15th at 10:00 AM

Carts will be allowed on the course on March 15th starting at 10:00 AM.

Walking the course currently is permissible, as always pretty please fix ball marks on smooth out.

The weather looks hopeful for next week Thursday on..

Enjoy golf on TV this weekend and Basketball.  Next week is golf season!

Good morning everyone, we are excited about the golf course officially opening for golf carts very soon. Our hope is sometime next week, in the meantime you are welcome to come out and play and walk or use a pull cart. Duke and crew have been out cleaning off fairways, and many of you will be happy to hear they are out trimming trees so they don’t hang so low. He is still waiting to mow greens our greens are push up and very clayish so they don’t dry out as well as some of the newer courses with sand greens. It is still too soft to mow.
We have a free of charge fitting Taylor Made fitting experience coming up at Prairie View Golf Club, the date is March 17th from 11A-5PM, we have some openings left, I will be doing free putter fittings as well. Please let me know if you are interested in participating as spots are getting booked up.
We have removed the tennis courts and the fencing around them, the electric poles and lights on the east side of the courts will be coming down as well. this was an eyesore for several years. In the process we have sustained some damage to our cart path around the cart barn, please excuse our mess during the process.
While we currently don’t have any plans to do anything with the space we have lots of ideas but nothing imminent or being planned at the moment. Glad the eyesore is gone and it makes a tremendous difference. We will put top soil down and seed very soon.
Zach is in the pro shop now, we will bill for lockers and club/pull cart storage in the month of March so you have 31 days to decide if you are going to keep those services in 2018.
Pro Shop Merchandise will start to trickle in during the months of March and April, new fun stuff everyday.
Looking forward to golf season, and seeing all of you out playing very soon.
Brian Garrett, PGA

It’s February 8th, we are passed the holidays, past the Super Bowl and now its time to look forward to some warm weather…… I don’t know how long that is going to take to get here but we can at least plan for what we want to do when it gets here.  As most of you know and have met we hired a new golf professional, Zach Dryer, thanks to all who came out to the meet and greet last week.  We have been working on plans for the 2018 golf season, including the schedule of events for Men’s/Women’s/Juniors/ PGA Junior League those will be up on the website any day now.  Zach is going to put together Women’s clinics, for the spring which we hope you all will participate in, it will start in March.  We are excited to have a relationship with the Golf School of Indiana at Prairie View Golf Club, if you want to get fit for clubs or putters or just scratch the itch.  Please let us know if you would like to go down and hit some of the newest equipment on the market.  We will have a member-fitting day on Saturday March 17th from 11A-5P.

The golf course got some work late in the fall, Duke was able to re-sod the fairway areas on 9,11 and 13 that were damaged by rainfall, also finished sodding the remainder of the new tee boxes.  Also we have enough fill to fix the bunker, water mess to the right of #18 fairway, that project will be finished sometime by late spring.

Save the date, we are putting together a member trip to Victoria National in Evansville, Indiana for April 5th-7th, we are still working on pricing for the trip and hope to put that together sometime next week.

The interclub tournaments this year will have a new twist, we will do a 4 club interclub tournament.  It will rotate between ACC, Ulen CC in Lebanon, Hillview in Franklin, IN, and Dye’s Walk in Greenwood, IN.  We will host the first event on Wednesday April 25th.   This is on the schedule.  It is also our turn to host the reciprocal interclub tournament which was hosted last year by Kokomo CC,  I am working to get a date for that.

This year in the pro shop we will carry a wide array of products and a few new things.   Hard goods we will focus on Callaway, TaylorMade, and Titleist.  Under Armour, Puma, Fennec, Donald Ross, Antigua, Columbia outerwear, and Adidas will be prominent in the shop.  We also have a few smaller accessory lines that will be new, including Black Clover headwear and CMC custom accessories.  We will carry 3 footwear lines, Adidas, Puma and Ecco.  Ecco is new this season and is a very comfortable shoe, excellent if you like to walk.   Things should start arriving around 3/1/18.

I hope to have more information for you as we get closer to golf season.  Zach is in the shop during the week preparing for the season if you get a chance to stop by please do so.

Stay Warm,

Brian Garrett

Good afternoon everyone, while we can’t play a lot of golf right now, we can certainly talk about it.  I have received back our new course ratings and slopes for our new tee boxes.  I am glad to share them with you today.  I am not sure exactly when they will “go live” my guess is on the next revision date of May 15th.  I will let you know if that is the case otherwise.

Our goal was pretty simple, give the forward tee a more enjoyable experience.  Give options to players that are new, or aging, and to encourage players to play from the more appropriate tee box for increased enjoyment.  We rated the course for men from all 5 tee boxes Blue, White, GW Combo, Green, Silver, and for women from the Green and the Silver.  We will print new scorecards with the ratings on them and should have them by the end of the month.  Only thing left on this project is for the grass to grow on the tees.

The course rating committee seemed to think that the golf course was a fair easier for the scratch golfer, and more difficult for the bogey golfer as compared to the last rating team.  You will see a decrease in the Course Rating, and an increase in the Slope Rating.

A USGA Course Rating is the evaluation of the playing difficulty of a course for scratch golfers under normal course
and weather conditions. It is expressed as strokes taken to one decimal place, and is based on yardage and other
obstacles to the extent that they affect the scoring ability of a scratch golfer.
A Slope Rating evaluates the relative playing difficulty of a course for players who are not scratch golfers. The lowest
Slope Rating is 55 and the highest is 155. A golf course of standard playing difficulty has a Slope Rating of 113.

Course ratings are determined, by permission of the USGA, in accordance with the USGA Course Rating System™ for
the purpose of providing a uniform basis of which to issue a Handicap Index. USGA Course Rating, Slope Rating®,
and Handicap Index® are marks owned by the USGA and may only be used in connection with the USGA Handicap


Blue Tees:  71.9/130

White Tees 70.3/128

Green/White Combo 68.1/122

Green 66.7/113

Silver 63.5/108


Green: 71.4/124

Silver 68.1/117

Golf season has started, then stopped, then started again, and now is stopped.  I am hopeful we dry out here over the next few days as we all need to get out and play.  After 3 straight days last week of 75 plus degree weather, we got 3 inches of rain dumped on us this weekend.  I think we will be able to open Tuesday for our Ladies Opening Scramble and Men’s Twilight League, but we can’t take much more.  The golf course itself is in great shape.  The greens are just wonderful, very smooth I have played at 2 other places so far this season and it’s not even a comparison, Duke has the greens pure.

Twilight League is off and running, first team night is Tuesday May 9th.  We have 40 players, 8 teams of 5.

Men’s Opening Scramble/Calcutta is this weekend. We need you all to sign up we had 32 players last year.  Hopeful to be at that number again.  Auction for teams is Friday night, Tournament is Saturday at 10:00 AM.  Entry Fee is $100.00 and is a cash payout.

The Ole’buddy tournament will be drawn on Tuesday.  Any last minute entries need to be in the pro shop no later than 5:00 PM May 1st!!!  We have 22 teams signed up so there will be some play in matches.  Good turnout and reception on this event, looking forward to the season long tournament.

The new tee boxes have been seeded. Duke will be sodding some of the spots in the fairways that need repair like #13 fairway.  Bunkers will be getting edged soon as too.

The USGA-IGA course rating team was out last Monday and rated and played the golf course.  We should have our new ratings in one more week, they will be posted in the pro shop I will send them out the course will be rated for Men from all 5 tees, and for Women from Green and Silver.  I am anxious to see how they come out.

Please stop by a sign up to play the Opening Scramble for Women and Men this week.

Good afternoon everyone,  it’s Master’s Week.  Probably my favorite week of the year for golf.  It is a celebration of the game, and the beauty, history and serenity when you see the images of Augusta National on TV.  I would ultimately tell you if you haven’t been, you need to make it a goal to go and at least see the beauty of the golf course.  This week we will of course be having 1/2 price appetizers during coverage of the Masters.  We will also attempt that is a BIG IF depending on the weather for Friday night, to have a 9 hole Par 3 tournament.   Brendan will be putting this together here this week and hopefully the weather forecast improves.

We have a fun event planned for next Wednesday April 12th, representatives from Titleist and Foot Joy will be here to do a short game and ball presentation and Foot  Joy will have its new product for display.  Members and their guests are invited to come and join we will have complimentary appetizers, and a cash bar.  We have a Titleist fitting day scheduled for April 25th here at the club we will sign those of you up you are interested.  Also for those who haven’t taken advantage of the Loyalty Rewarded program (Buy 3 Get 1 Free) we can get that set up as well.  This is a free event to come to.  I encourage everyone that can be here to please be here, especially new members as this will give them an opportunity to meet new people and get our golf season off to a great start.

All the golf schedules are on the website and printed in the pro shop if you are wanting to look at them.  We have a fantastic year planned and hope that all of you play more golf this season.  Our new tee boxes will be getting sodded in the next few weeks, depending on rain, should be ready for the first of May.

Let’s all say a little prayer that the weather improves!!



Good afternoon everyone we are being punished, as I thought we would, for this mild winter by snow and cold temps in the middle of March when we should be playing golf.  Looks like this week is a scratch so we will work on some tree trimming and removal.

We are excited about ACC’s first attempt at PGA Junior League Golf, it is a fun way to compete and play team golf against other clubs.  So far we have about 14 kids signed up for the ACC PGA Junior League we will be putting a schedule together with other clubs very shortly.

Make sure you come out and enjoy all the NCAA hoops this week at the club we will have 1/2 price appetizers on tap Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  St. Patrick’s Day is also Friday night, we will have child care so please make your reservations.  Irish fare, green beer, and fun cocktail options will all be available.

Thursday night we are going to be meeting in the bar to discuss the 2017 Men’s Schedule we have a great schedule put together with new events, tweaks to existing events and we will be forming a Hole in One Pot.  1/2 price apps and hoops on Thursday night as well.

If you are interested in poker we have started a normal game 1 Thursday each month, please email if you would like more information.

Twilight league is coming soon please sign up in the Pro shop or email to do so.

Looking forward to warmer temps next week.


Brendan and I have been working on both Men’s and Women’s Schedules for 2017.  We are happy to reveal the schedule for 2017 for the Men.  We are excited about our offering this season.  We used the feedback from our members, participation, and member involvement to put this together.  A couple of major changes to the schedule that we want to note.

Our 50th Annual ACC Men’s Invitational moves back to our normal time slot as the 3rd weekend in June.  Practice Rounds will be played on Thursday June 22nd, Invitational Rounds will be played on June 23rd-June 24th.  We will be putting a committee together soon to prepare the plans for this 50th annual tournament.

We moved the Stroke Play Championship back later in the year and it will be contested over 2 rounds on separate weekends.  The Stroke Play was originally scheduled for the weekend after Memorial Day, this hurt participation as it ties up essentially 2 weekends in a row with the holiday, and it seemed to be to early in the season.  The Stroke Play Championship will be played in August 19th and August 26th.

We will introduce 2 new events into the schedule:  1st: 2 Man Ole’ Buddy Tournament which will be a Pick your own partner full handicap 1BB match play tournament.  It will be season long.

We also will do a two team format tournament called the Indian Cup which will be the same format as the Paugh-Stoops Cup except  the Golf Professionals will be team captains.  This will be played on July 8th and 9th.

You can view the full schedule at  scroll down to the Men’s Schedule Button. It is also on our calendar on our events page.  If you have any questions feel free to email or call.



Good afternoon all, I am spreading the word about this year’s twilight league.  On January 31st we had a open forum in the bar to share ideas and feedback for the Twilight League this season.  With the feedback and input I have received and a few tweaks I think this year’s league can be more fair, more fun, and better for everyone who wishes to play.

Twilight League will start on April 18th,  Team night with dinner in the Stilwell room: no golf.  Will pick teams based on the number of registrants.  6:00 PM.  We will select the lowest handicaps and they will be the “A” players.  We will snake draft just like last year.

Individual Competition will be two separate divisions:  Everyone will be eligible for both divisions.  The first division is the total number of points scored throughout all of the individual nights, (traditional- McNabney Division).   The other division will be the 7 best scores of those posted, this is new to accommodate those players who can’t simply make it every week and are at a disadvantage- (DeHaven Division) .  The Champion Golfer of the year will still come from the traditional division.  The prize pool will be split evenly between the divisions.

More team nights, we will add 3 additional “team” nights where we will play scramble format.  In order to keep the cost the same we will not serve dinner on those nights.  We will run food specials and beer specials in the bar on those nights for those who want to stick around for skins and CTP results.


We will start with the traditional handicapping system until the May 15th revision.  Starting May 16th we will use the Indiana Blue Golf Handicap System for 9 hole handicaps.  This will allow the handicap system that is in place to do what it is supposed to do which is keep accurate record of ability subject to peer review, and keep record of other rounds played at ACC or other clubs.

We will start registration on March 1st, and it will conclude April 18th with the drawing of teams.  We will have a schedule of events for Twilight that will be published on the website and posted in locker rooms starting March 1st.

If you have any questions feel free to email me or call.



Brian Garrett, PGA

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