Month: May 2017

Good afternoon everyone, while we can’t play a lot of golf right now, we can certainly talk about it.  I have received back our new course ratings and slopes for our new tee boxes.  I am glad to share them with you today.  I am not sure exactly when they will “go live” my guess is on the next revision date of May 15th.  I will let you know if that is the case otherwise.

Our goal was pretty simple, give the forward tee a more enjoyable experience.  Give options to players that are new, or aging, and to encourage players to play from the more appropriate tee box for increased enjoyment.  We rated the course for men from all 5 tee boxes Blue, White, GW Combo, Green, Silver, and for women from the Green and the Silver.  We will print new scorecards with the ratings on them and should have them by the end of the month.  Only thing left on this project is for the grass to grow on the tees.

The course rating committee seemed to think that the golf course was a fair easier for the scratch golfer, and more difficult for the bogey golfer as compared to the last rating team.  You will see a decrease in the Course Rating, and an increase in the Slope Rating.

A USGA Course Rating is the evaluation of the playing difficulty of a course for scratch golfers under normal course
and weather conditions. It is expressed as strokes taken to one decimal place, and is based on yardage and other
obstacles to the extent that they affect the scoring ability of a scratch golfer.
A Slope Rating evaluates the relative playing difficulty of a course for players who are not scratch golfers. The lowest
Slope Rating is 55 and the highest is 155. A golf course of standard playing difficulty has a Slope Rating of 113.

Course ratings are determined, by permission of the USGA, in accordance with the USGA Course Rating System™ for
the purpose of providing a uniform basis of which to issue a Handicap Index. USGA Course Rating, Slope Rating®,
and Handicap Index® are marks owned by the USGA and may only be used in connection with the USGA Handicap


Blue Tees:  71.9/130

White Tees 70.3/128

Green/White Combo 68.1/122

Green 66.7/113

Silver 63.5/108


Green: 71.4/124

Silver 68.1/117

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