Month: February 2017

Good afternoon all, I am spreading the word about this year’s twilight league.  On January 31st we had a open forum in the bar to share ideas and feedback for the Twilight League this season.  With the feedback and input I have received and a few tweaks I think this year’s league can be more fair, more fun, and better for everyone who wishes to play.

Twilight League will start on April 18th,  Team night with dinner in the Stilwell room: no golf.  Will pick teams based on the number of registrants.  6:00 PM.  We will select the lowest handicaps and they will be the “A” players.  We will snake draft just like last year.

Individual Competition will be two separate divisions:  Everyone will be eligible for both divisions.  The first division is the total number of points scored throughout all of the individual nights, (traditional- McNabney Division).   The other division will be the 7 best scores of those posted, this is new to accommodate those players who can’t simply make it every week and are at a disadvantage- (DeHaven Division) .  The Champion Golfer of the year will still come from the traditional division.  The prize pool will be split evenly between the divisions.

More team nights, we will add 3 additional “team” nights where we will play scramble format.  In order to keep the cost the same we will not serve dinner on those nights.  We will run food specials and beer specials in the bar on those nights for those who want to stick around for skins and CTP results.


We will start with the traditional handicapping system until the May 15th revision.  Starting May 16th we will use the Indiana Blue Golf Handicap System for 9 hole handicaps.  This will allow the handicap system that is in place to do what it is supposed to do which is keep accurate record of ability subject to peer review, and keep record of other rounds played at ACC or other clubs.

We will start registration on March 1st, and it will conclude April 18th with the drawing of teams.  We will have a schedule of events for Twilight that will be published on the website and posted in locker rooms starting March 1st.

If you have any questions feel free to email me or call.



Brian Garrett, PGA

Good morning everyone I hope you are preparing for the big game this weekend, and if you are like me I am counting down the days to warm weather and spring time.  I got back from the PGA Merchandise Show and I thought I would share a little about what I thought was interesting for the club and the pro shop, and also the golf industry as a whole.

I felt excitement this year as I was walking the show floor, lots of vendors with unique setups.  As far as hard goods go it really comes down to two Vendors in my opinion Callaway who had an unbelievable setup you really couldn’t go anywhere on the floor without feeling their presence nearby, to walk from one end to the other you had to basically walk through their setup.  They have two giant things going for them right now.  Firstly,  the Epic and Epic SubZero driver is doing well on tour and by all measurably will do well with consumers. They have also bit into the premium golf ball market with Chrome Soft, and the newly launched Chrome Soft-x for players that prefer a firmer feeling golf ball.  We will carry both products and will be able to offer the Tru-vis again this year which is a popular golf ball.

Taylor-Made had the biggest news the week of the show with the signing of Tiger Woods on Day 1 of the show.  He is committed to playing metal woods, irons and wedges.  Although he hasn’t played well to get started he will no doubt move the meter for TM this year.  The biggest game changing product will likely be the Taylor Made TP5 and TP5x golf balls, and you will have the opportunity to get these golf balls in your hands for free soon.  I will be hosting a Member Day on Saturday March 4th.  I will send out more info as we get closer.  If you sign up and come you will receive 5 free golf balls to test.  Also during our fitting days at ACC this season you will also receive a 5-pack of TP5 or TP5x golf balls for being fit.  You will have the opportunity to try this golf ball essentially for free to see if you like it.  I played 3 rounds with the TP5 ball and there is no doubt is performs better than any ball I have played, longer, soft enough and spins well.

I also visited AM&E a putter and headcover manufacturing company.  I am looking for some neat tee gifts for our 50th Annual Invitational this season.  Seamus Golf, and Club Glove were some other vendors I met with.  From an apparel standpoint I met with Linksoul, we carried this last season in the Pro Shop and it went very well, great shorts, and cotton type of clothing.  I met with representatives from Travis Matthew and will be deciding shortly if this brand is something that would go in our shop.  So far I have booked Under Armour, Adidas,  Columbia Golf, Puma, Donald Ross, and Foot Joy Apparel for 2017.  Footwear, Adidas, Puma, and FootJoy.

I am looking forward to 2017 in our Pro Shop, please remember we have the shop open Friday 2/3 and next Tuesday and Friday from 11:00 AM-4:00 PM.  We have golf shirts at $25.00-$30.00, trying to clear out for new fun things.  I look forward to seeing you all soon.

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